Trying To Convince Your Parents To Buy An ATV For You? Try These Reasons

11 January 2018
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The older kids become, the bigger and more expensive their toys. If you have decided that you want an ATV, you have probably begged your parents and found no success. So, how can you convince your parents to buy you an ATV? Your reasons have to be a lot better and smarter than the fact that an ATV is fun to ride and you want one. Try the following reasons.

Wholesale ATVs for Sale

If the issue your folks have is the cost, you can stop them in their tracks. There are places that sell wholesale ATVs. These retailers drop the price of a new ATV down a few grand. If you buy a slightly used, wholesale ATV, the price is unbelievably low. The next time your parents open their mouths and you know exactly what is coming next, show them a list of wholesale ATV dealers/retailers and pictures of some of the ATVs with their prices. Then your parents will not be able to use the price/cost thing as their main reason.

Safety Lessons

Parents are always worried about their kids safety. That is just the way parents are built. If your parents use the whole "ATVs are too dangerous for teens" reason, counter that with the local offering of ATV riding and safety lessons. These lessons are taught by a single instructor, and before the instructor even takes you out for a group riding and skills lesson, you have to pass a written safety test. Parents cannot say no to taking a class to learn something new and learn about ATV safety. 


Like having a new pet, an ATV requires a modicum of responsibility. You have to know how to take care of this machine. You have to respect the fact that it requires tune-ups, gasoline, oil, and should be washed regularly. Parents always want to see their kids take more responsibility and do well with added burdens on their shoulders. If you can, borrow or rent an ATV for a week. Make a deal with your parents that if you take good care of the rental, you should be allowed a chance at owning, or at least have regular access to, an ATV of your own (or the family's ATV).

Learning to Drive

Learning to drive an ATV will definitely help you learn to drive a car. You have to be able to control an ATV via the steering, the gas pedal, and the brake pedal. If you learn how to drive and control the ATV, you will be better able to control a car.