How Boat Tracking Can Improve Your Bottom Line

14 July 2017
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If you have a distribution business and part of your goods are received or sent via water routes, having a reliable boat tracking system is a good way to increase business and improve your bottom line. Here are just a few ways your profits will increase when you know exactly where your products are at all times.

Customer Service

Keeping your customers happy is one of the best ways to ensure they will work with you in the future. Letting them know when to expect an order and being able to keep that delivery time is a good way to keep them happy. A boat tracker allows you to see exactly where a vessel is and then determine when it will get to its destination. If you notice that something is keeping the boat from getting there on time, you can have a second boat pick up the order and make the delivery on time.

Labor Costs

Being able to know when a boat will dock means you won't have an unloading crew standing around waiting. You can have the crew doing other work or call them in as the boat is getting ready to dock. Getting the most work out of your laborers instead of paying them to wait can lead to a large increase in profits and productivity. In addition, you can easily tell each boat when to dock if you know that more than one is due to arrive. You choose who docks first and gets unloaded so your products can be delivered in a timely fashion. This is especially important if the products need to be loaded into a truck to get to your customers.

Emergency Response

At some point, one of your boats is bound to need some type of help. This is usually due to a mechanical problem. When all your vessels are equipped with a boat tracker, you can determine which one is closest to the stranded one and reroute them to help out. This help may be taking the load so that it can be delivered on time or getting them the part they need for a repair. Knowing where all your boats are at all times makes rerouting easier.

Having a good boat tracking system from a reputable company like TM Fleet allows you to stay on top of your product shipping. Not only will you know where everything is, the system can also help a captain navigate to a destination. This can be very helpful in a busy port or during inclement weather. All these points save you time and money, increasing your bottom line.